/Chinese astrology horoscope provides idea

Chinese astrology horoscope provides idea

Chinese astrology horoscope provides idea of what lies ahead for you

We all want to know what the future holds for us and the best means of doing so is through Chinese astrology horoscope. For many centuries, the people in China have depended on the Chinese astrology symbols to know more about their future. Chinese astrology comprises of signs of 12 animals that represent a twelve-year cycle that is aligned with the sun and the moon. Each one of them has been selected and used to represent human life and culture. These twelve animals were the ones that won a race organized by ancient gods and they were deemed the best. The animal that came first was the rat followed by the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the sheep, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the last one was the pig.

These animal signs are combined with one of the five elements to find out what is auspicious to an individual and is adaptable to his or her Feng Shui or life force. The five elements in Chinese astrology horoscope are wood, fire, metal, water and earth. In order to predict a person’s future, intricate calculations derived from the Chinese philosophy are made and the Chinese calendar and their connections with the stars, planets and other astral bodies are taken into account. These calculations are called as the Purple Star system. Given the date and hour of birth, the positions of certain stars are recorded in each of the prescribed sectors of the Chinese astrological chart that portrays an individual’s life journey. The stars’ positions foretell relationships, wealth, property and assets, health, career, opportunities for travel, and level of happiness that a person is predestined to have at birth while the zodiac animal indicates a person’s personality and character.

In the Chinese astrology horoscope, the yin-yang principle is an important factor in the determination of a person’s life. Yin-yang describes the opposed forces that govern and create harmony and equilibrium in the universe. Since yin-yang describes all natural phenomena, a person is either part of one or the other polarity that is determined by the year of birth. Even Chinese years are yang while odd years are yin.